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AI in Chemistry: minisymposium

Thursday 27 June 2024
Gorlaeus Building
Einsteinweg 55
2333 CC Leiden
Program of symposium

The minisymposium ‘AI in Chemistry’ on 27 June 2024 will be about practical knowledge and a better understanding of the underlying principles of using artificial intelligence. During the symposium, experts from academia and industry will share their knowledge about using AI for day-to-day issues within (bio)chemistry, pharmacology, toxicology and molecular biology. Topics range from retrosynthesis and optimisation to open data sources and chemical concept recognition. After the presentations there will be time to network during the drinks.

For whom?

PhD’s, postdocs, information professionals and researchers in academia and industry who are interested in developments around artificial intelligence in chemistry.

The symposium is organised by the Science Library and the Special Interest Group Chemical Information from the Netherlands society for information professionals (KNVI). LACDR, LIC and LIACS are also involved in the symposium. Visit the website of KNVI for more information and registration.

Info and registration

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