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MCBIM Lecture: Supramolecular Recognition of DNA and RNA Junction Structures for Anti-viral and Anti-cancer Therapy

Tuesday 27 February 2024
Gorlaeus Building
Einsteinweg 55
2333 CC Leiden


Metallo-supramolecular cylinders (helicates) bind strongly to DNA and RNA Y-shaped junctions, forks and bulges, and prevent DNA transactions. They enter cells and rapidly localise in cell nuclei, where the fork-binding agents interfere with the processing of DNA leading to cell cycle arrest followed by apoptosis, without inducing genotoxicity or mutagenicity.[1] As a route to control the activity of these agents, we encapsulate them in a curcubituril ring to create a rotaxane structure, with release from the rotaxane switching on the junction-binding activity.[2] We also extended our junction recognition approach to organometallic agents that recognise the cavities of DNA 4-way Holliday junctions.[3]

Recognition of a specific nucleic acid shape is a powerful approach: In RNA-viruses the ends of the genome are non-coding parts which fold into specific structures and regulate viral replication. The same structures are common to many different viruses and an exciting new anti-viral target.  We have shown that some of our agents can bind junction and bulge structures (Fig 1) in the untranslated regions of both SARS-CoV-2 and HIV-1 and show potent anti-viral activities at concentration levels where they are not cytotoxic to mammalian cells.[4]


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