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Alumni event

Predrinks Oort lecture

Thursday 21 September 2023
Rapenburg 56
2311 EX Leiden

True to tradition, the Association of Former Leiden Observatory Students and Staff (VO-S) has an informal gathering prior to the annual Oort lecture.

Meet and catch up

The VO-S focuses on establishing and maintaining contact between former and current students and staff of the Leiden Observatory. Therefore, the VO-S organises the opportunity for its members and all other interested parties who are or were connected to the Observatory to meet and chat with each other over drinks. The gathering will take place in café Barrera directly across the Rapenburg from the Academy Building, where the Oort Lecture takes place.

Join us!

Non-VO-S members are also welcome to join this drinks party, provided they have studied Astronomy in Leiden or have worked or work at the Leiden Observatory. The costs for non-members are 5 euros, but there is also the possibility to become a member of the VO-S, which makes the drinks free of charge. It is not necessary to register in advance for drinks.

Please note that you do, however, need to register for the Oort lecture, if you want to attend the lecture.

Greedy Supermassive Black Holes

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