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Museumnacht Boerhaave - Adventerous Microbiology

Saturday 3 June 2023
Rijksmuseum Boerhaave

The 15th edition of the Museumnacht Leiden will take place on Saturday 3 June. Many Leiden museums participate in this special night.

Adventurous Microbiology

The Institute of Biology Leiden (IBL) is looking for microbes everywhere on earth to look for new antibiotics, from high in the mountains to deep in the sea. During the Museumnacht researchers from the IBl will explain all about it! 

They will show you live how microorganisms produce antibiotics. Also, it is possible to check what bacteria are living on your hands. With our special digital microscopes, which magnify up to 200x, you can go on your own voyage of discovery. We bring many samples to look at under the microscope, and you are also free to bring something from home to look at.

Check the Boerhaave website to see their complete program for the night.

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