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Sanctions, Remittances, and (in)Security: Legal Conundrums, Financial Paradoxes, and Humanitarian Puzzles

Wednesday 15 May 2024
Turfmarkt 99
2511 DP The Hague

Long hindered by tired and unproductive debates in international relations, sanctions scholarship is presently flourishing with novel and generative approaches to thinking about sanctions. This conference brings together students, officials, practitioners, and scholars to rethink sanctions, focusing on the future of sanctions scholarship and practice. We will consider the strained connection between international law and sanctions power, the autonomy of financial systems of mediating filters of the sanctions regime, the new modes of great-power driven sanctions-busting, the intersection of remittances and sanctions, the role of sanctions in defending human rights and the humanitarian harms that follow therefrom, among others. These thematic considerations will be matched to empirical studies of ongoing sanctions, from the forgotten sanctioning of Afghanistan and Syria to Russia and beyond. 

Partner organisations:

JustRemit, ISGA, ASSER


Room 2.02 3.60 2.64

Introductory Lecture by Matthew Hoye (for Leiden Students)

Catastrophic Policy Success: Sanctions, Remittances, and Afghanistan

10:45-12:15   Roundtable: Sanctions and the Pursuit of Accountability for International Crimes: Critical Reflections
Discussant: Zsófia Baumann
James Patrick Sexton
David Kinnecome
Dr. Niki Siampakou

(Discussant TBD) 

Alexandra Hofer & Mohammed Kanfash

Sanctions as Violence: A Tool of Modern-Day Siege Warfare

Mariya Ditchkowska

Balancing Act: Navigating Sanctions and the Tricky Case of Belarus 

Kaan Özkonak

The compatibility of Russia-related unilateral sanctions with the international rule of law principles

Financial Systems
(Discussant: TBA)


Mohammed Muse

The Ambiguity, Opaqueness and Consequences of FATF’s Remittance Regulatory Strategies in Sub-Saharan Africa: Somalia and Nigeria


Miles Kellerman

Licensed Detection Agents: A Proposal for Financial Crime Bounty Hunters 


Daniel Robins

The Medium is the Message: cryptocurrencies and the geographies of alternative remittances from Trinidad & Tobago to Venezuela


Jean Yves Ndzana Ndzana 

The Dual impact of coercive sanctions on financial Systems and civilian livelihoods: A Comparative Analysis of Iran and Venezuela


Keynote Address by Haroun Rahimi
The effects of sanctions on the governance of targeted states


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