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LUCIP Workshop "Multiple Perspectives on Anger”

  • Presider: Clara Mendes Pereira (Leiden University - Philosophy Study Association)
Tuesday 30 May 2023
Centre for Intercultural Philosophy events 2023
Cleveringaplaats 1
2311 BD Leiden

The Leiden University Centre for Intercultural Philosophy is pleased to announce a JEDI funded workshop on Multiple Perspectives on Anger.

The workshop is part of the event series “Emotion and Embodiment at the Intersections” under the auspices of the JEDI grant of the Faculty of Humanities, in collaboration with Symposion.  


The emotion of anger has attracted growing scholarly attention in philosophy of emotion, feminist theories, moral psychology, and phenomenology. Bringing together scholars from different fields of philosophy, the workshop aims to shed light on multiple perspectives on anger across philosophical traditions. It thus rediscovers resources, framework, vocabularies that lay the ground for open and inclusive conversations on anger.



Dr. Manhua Li (Royal Holloway College University of London)

Manhua Li (Royal Holloway College University of London)

Ji Kang on Nourishing Life: Engaging with Anger in the Mysterious Learning of the Wei-Jin Dynasty


Dr. Stephen Harris (Leiden University)

Stephen Harris (Leiden University)

Anger as the enemy: Buddhist approaches


Dr. Marie Louise Krogh (Leiden University)

Marie Louise Krogh (Leiden University)

When Anger is Called For: Amia Srinivasan’s case for the aptness of anger


Dr. Marijana Vujosevic (Leiden University)

Marijana Vujosevic (Leiden University)

Kant’s Perspectives on Anger


All are welcome!


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