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Crossing Borders: An afternoon of Music and Words

Sunday 23 April 2023
Cultuurhuis de Paulus
Warmonderweg 2
2341 KV Oegstgeest

On Sunday, April 23 at 15:30 Prof. dr. Sarah Cramsey, Special Chair for Central European Studies, will lecture alongside the Practicum Musicae Orkest at the Cultuurhuis de Paulus in Oegstgeest.

Cramsey will speak about the borders which encircle and criss-cross Mitteleuropa. Maps both real and imagined reveal historic borders, geological borders, religious borders, ethnic borders, national borders, cultural borders and political borders.  In fact, to be “Central European” in the late 19th century, the early 20th century and even today is to be a “border-crosser.”  Cramsey's lecture will situate this musical experience of border crossing in larger contexts, illuminate these composers as border crossers themselves and show how a discussion of “borders” offers unique lens to learn about the history, culture and music of Central Europe.  Come join us for an afternoon of words and strings!

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