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Roundtable: Is the Russia-Ukraine War a Global War? / Workshop: Archives and Methods

Thursday 13 October 2022
Schouwburgstraat 2
2511 VA The Hague
Living Lab
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy speaks via remote feed during a meeting of the UN Security Council (5 Apr 2022 | John Minchillo / AP Photo | CC BY 2.0

In preparation for the conference “Making and Breaking Global Order in the Twentieth Century”, the INIVISHIST team warmly invites you to a pre-conference day of events to take place at Schouwburgstraat Building, The Hague.

Workshop on Archives and Methods: Researching Twentieth Century Global Ordering [15.00-17.00h]

The ‘Archives and methods’ workshop will be steered by Francine McKenzie (Western University, Canada). She will be in conversation with Duncan Money (Leiden University, the Netherlands), Christy Thornton (Johns Hopkins University, USA), and Nira Wickramasinghe (Leiden University, the Netherlands). The workshop will provide a forum for Netherlands-based PhD researchers to interact with peers to exchange experiences, as well as engage with the themes and international participants of the conference. To participants who would like to share ideas related to the topics, we kindly ask you to think in advance about some of the following questions:   

  1. What is the Global South? What are the problems associated with using this term?  
  2. How can we understand the role of Global South actors in shaping structures and systems of international order(ing) across the twentieth century? 
  3. How did the global order shape development, state-building, and political economy in the Global South? 
  4. How can we understand hegemonies and asymmetries of power and the ways in which they operate? 

Roundtable Debate: Is the Russia-Ukraine War a Global War? What role for the United Nations? [17.15-18.45h]

Panelists: Vineet Thakur, Anna-Alexandra Marhold, Gjovalin Macaj and Giles Scott-Smith.
Chair: André Gerrits
The Russian aggression against the Ukraine has revealed the precarity of peace and security in Europe and has revealed once more the shortcomings of the United Nations in managing conflict. This roundtable discussion examines the war and asks what can the UN do? A panel of experts will debate the various dimensions of the conflict from military strategy, to energy politics to materiel support and the armament debate to possible diplomatic solutions. Crucially, it will engage the critique that this is while this is solely a Western war, it has a global impact which the UN must address itself towards.

You are cordially welcome to join this public debate and ask questions of the panelists.


To register for this event, please send an e-mail to the conference organisation: invisihist@hum.leidenuniv.nl 
The event is free of cost.

Conference Programme

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Conference Programme

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