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SNAP! The night sky through a Leidener’s lens

Tuesday 15 March 2022 - Tuesday 31 May 2022
BplusC Bibliotheek Stevenshof
Trix Terwindtstraat 6
2331 GW Leiden

For some space enthusiasts, only looking at the stars is just not enough. They explore the sky through astrophotography – the art of taking and editing photos of astronomical objects in the night sky. Join their excitement through Leiden’s new astrophotography exhibition: SNAP! The night sky through a Leidener’s lens.

From March 15 till May 31 the walls of the BplusC Library Stevenshof are lined with breathtaking images of the moon, planets, stars and nebulae taken by local astrophotographers. They gives us a glimpse into the aspects of astronomy that inspire them. Admission is free and all text is both in Dutch and English. So come on down, grab a book and take a stroll through the Universe!

Also take a look at the opening of the exhibition (Dutch)

Opening Kiek! De nachthemel door een Leidse lens
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