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Summer School in Languages and Linguistics


Find the answers to frequently asked questions about the Summer School here.

Questions about the courses

No, but most courses will be held online as well as on campus. 

Please contact the teacher of the course. 

Please contact the teacher of the course. 

Questions about application

You do not have to be a student to participate in the Summer School. However, you do need some background knowledge about linguistics. Check the course descriptions for the specific prerequisites for every course. 

Most courses in the Summer School will be given on campus and online, at the same time. Some courses are on campus only. In the program and course description, you can see which courses are on campus only. All the other courses are hybrid. 

You do not need to follow the entire program. You can mix and match. 

You will receive news about your application within 2 weeks of applying. 

No, but if the organizers question your application they can ask for a motivation or more information about your educational background. 

Yes, you can switch courses until 1 month before the start of the Summer School. Since we can not give refunds, you can switch courses, but you can not cancel them. 

You can change your application from on campus to online (or the other way around) until 10th of June. 

Questions about payment

No. We only offer this service to people from Iran or other people who have no access to internet banking. 

Yes. Contact summerschool@hum.leidenuniv.nl



Only if you are a student or a student from Leiden university. See the course fees here

For problems with Paylogic, please contact the Paylogic customers service

Questions about Visa

No, unfortunately we can not. We can send you an invitation letter, if necessary. Contact summerschool@hum.leidenuniv.nl

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