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Summer School in Languages and Linguistics

We are sorry to inform you that the Summer School 2020 will not take place due to the corona virus pandemic. The Summer School has been postponed to next year July 12-23, 2021. The 2021 program will hopefully be the same as this year, so hope to see you next year!

Course information

The Leiden Summer School in Languages and Linguistics offers a varied program of specialised courses in Descriptive linguistics, in Chinese, Germanic, Indo-European, Indian, Iranian, Semitic languages and linguistics, as well as a number of introductory linguistic courses. During these two weeks of intense learning, you will be able to deepen and broaden your knowledge, at the same time enjoying the company of linguistics students and enthusiasts from all over the world.All courses are taught in English, which means that good knowledge of the English language is a basic requirement. Only the course on Russian literature is taught in Russian.

Active participation in a course stands for 2 ECTS. At the end of the Summer School, every participant will receive a certificate, which will indicate the courses followed and the amount of awarded ECTS credits. In order to get 5 ECTS credits (in total per course), participants can ask their teacher for an extra take-home examination, which will then be corrected and graded after the Summer School. If the student passes, he/she will receive a new certificate with the extra three ECTS from the organisation.


The program 2020 of the Summer School in Languages and Linguistics.

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Course fees

The fees for participation are as follows:

  • €690,- for 4 courses / timeslots
  • €570,- for 3 courses / timeslots
  • €420,- for 2 courses / timeslots
  • €260,- for 1 course / timeslot

There is a special rate for registered BA/MA/PhD students (outside Leiden), who pay

  • €630,- for 4 courses / timeslots
  • €530,- for 3 courses / timeslots
  • €380,- for 2 courses / timeslots
  • €220,- for 1 course / timeslot

BA/MA/PhD students, registered in Leiden, pay

  • €430,- for 4 courses / timeslots
  • €350,- for 3 courses / timeslots
  • €260,- for 2 courses / timeslots
  • €160,- for 1 course / timeslot

Warm lunch (10 days)

  • € 80,-

Cancellation policy


If you have already paid the tuition fee, but are no longer able to attend the Summer School, please contact the organisers as soon as possible.

Refund deadlines: 

Fees with accommodation - 12 June 2020

Fees without accommodation - 1 July 2020

* Please note that for a refund we will ask you to pay €30,- administration costs. Refunds will be issued no earlier than September.

NB: If the summer school is canceled due to the corona virus, you will receive a refund of the fees.


Course material "Russian Literature"



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Contact information

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