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Summer School in Languages and Linguistics


When being admitted to the program, you can apply for accommodation (by contacting summerschool@hum.leidenuniv.nl), please note that we cannot guarantee you a room. First come, first serve.

We will inform you whether we can offer you accommodation. You are then requested to make your payment before the deadline. Should you not succeed in paying on time, the offer will expire.

The rooms we provide are based at Webster University’s Living and Learning Centre. You can choose between a single room or a shared room (shared with one or two others).  You will be assigned to a room at random in the category you choose. Preferences regarding location, and/or fellow participants you wish to share a room with can be taken into account provided you notify us early on.

Total costs (for the period of 17 - 30 July)*:
Single room: €740,- per person.
Double room: €517,- per person.
* including the administration fee and VAT costs.

Alternative accommodations

When you are not offered a room, we can place you on a waiting list in case a room comes available. However, since the waiting list is no guarantee, we highly recommend you to also look at alternatives for accommodation, for example via AirbnbYestudent, Ibis hotel, in The Hague via the following link, or the Budget Hotel (very near Leiden).

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