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Research in Physics, pre-PhD ('Casimir') (MSc)

This Casimir pre-PhD programme guarantees a solid grounding at the leading edge of the physical sciences both experimentally and theoretically, complemented by practical training in communication and computer skills.

What does this master’s programme entail?

In collaboration with the Delft Kavli Institute of Nanosccience we offer a the Casimir pre-PhD specialisation – which prepares and educates you for PhD positions at one of the two research institutes or elsewhere. The programme places strong emphasis on working in a research environment, in particular within the six themes of the Research Schools. A selection will take place for admittance to this programme. All students within the programme will write a research proposal.

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Discover why our students choose the Physics master's programme

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Why choose the Casimir pre-PhD programme at Leiden University?

  • The Casimir pre-PhD programme combines courses from Leiden and Delft and enables you to gain research experience in more than one department. You will have the opportunity to participate in an honours programme and to work in research groups in Leiden and in Delft.
  • You will conduct research within the six research themes. These are Molecular Biophysics, Physics of nanostructures, Quantum Matter and Functional Materials, Quantum Information and quantum optics, Universe physics; theory and instrumentation, and Dynamic Complex Systems.

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Casimir pre-PhD: the right master’s programme for you?

The programme is aimed at students who intend to acquire a PhD-position after receiving their master’s degree. Almost all of the students participating in this programme choose to pursue a PhD and have no problem whatsoever to find a PhD position. The programme is not open to everyone: students can express an interest in this ‘honours programme’ and have to meet several requirements along the way. Selection is done in March. 

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