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Culture and Politics (MA)

About the programme

The one-year International Relations Master's specialisations offer an attractive mix of theoretical knowledge with practical experience.

The study programme includes a specialisation core course, two general courses, a thesis preparatory course, two electives and the final Master's thesis. For a more detailed programme and an overview of all the possible electives, please check the Online Study Guide.

Master's thesis

The preparatory course is made to prepare you for writing a Master's thesis. The course introduces you to core conceptual, methodological and theoretical issues that you encounter when you are working on your Master's thesis. On top of that, a series of seminars will focus on specific issues related to International Studies. Once you start the thesis process, you will have great freedom to choose what you want to write about. We have many thesis supervisors who have different areas of expertise. 

Our students have written many theses, examples include:

  • A Defense of Humor: A Critical Discourse Analysis of the Official Ukrainian Twitter Account’s Use of Strategic Humor
  • Musicians for Peace: How Israeli-Palestinian Music Co-producers Aim to Contribute to Conflict Transformation
  • ‘Grandma, why did you have face tattoos?’: Exploring the Roles of Traditional Tattoos in the Resistance of Moroccan Women under the French Protectorate
  • Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who’s the Most Profitable of Them All? Museum Franchising and Nation Branding in the UAE.
  • The Construction Of ‘Clan’ in the Diaspora: An Analysis of Diverging Paths between First- and Second-Generation Somali Migrants in The Netherlands
  • Learning to Forget: the Role of Education in Creating National Memory
  • Problematizing the Passport: A Postcolonial Approach to Understanding the Role of the Passport
  • Indonesia and Tolerance: Spectres of Secularism?
  • Idle No More: The Translations of Rights of an Indigenous Social Movement
  • Seeing Differently: Extinction Rebellion’s Aesthetic Interventions in Global Environmental Politics
  • Memory, Trauma, Identity: The Cultural Trauma of the Pacific War and Japanese Identity in MAPPA’s In this Corner of the World (2016)
  • Decolonising Diplomacy: Examining British Orientalist Attitudes and Culture Shaping British Foreign Policy Towards Jordan
  • Music that Resists: An Exploration of Narratives in Mexico and Russia’s Political Songs
  • A Semiology into Comic Relief: Ending World Poverty or Promoting Problematic Images?
  • Basquiat's and Ofili's Double Consciousness: An Exploration of Transnational Black Identity Through African Diasporic Art
  • Porto M’s Aesthetic Choices and their Political Meanings: A Non-traditional Museum and the Fight Against Forms of Domination
  • The Eternal Victim: Victimization as Myth in the South Korea-Japan Trade Dispute
  • Representations of Cultural Resistance in Film in the Kurdish-Dutch Diaspora: A Visual Discourse Analysis


You have the opportunity to do an internship at an organisation in the Netherlands or abroad. This experience is highly valued within international organisations.Please note that you will need to find your own internship and have to follow an internship procedure for approval. Pursuing an internship may have consequences for the date of your graduation.

Organisations that our students have interned at include:

  • Asia and Oceania Department, Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • The Netherlands Institute of International Relations (Clingendael)
  • Oxfam Novib
  • World Resources Institute
  • International Cultural Policy Unit, Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Directorate of International Affairs, Municipality of The Hague
  • FINABEL European Army Interoperability Centre
  • European Union National Institutes for Culture
  • National Coordinator for International Functions, Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Office of Member of the United Kingdom House of Commons
  • European Network for Women in Leadership
  • Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Zagreb
  • Consulate-General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in New York

Is Culture and Politics the programme for you?

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