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ICT in Business (MSc)

Career prospects

With a master’s degree in ICT in Business, job opportunities are excellent and diverse, ranging from consultancy to IT management and from entrepreneurship to PhD research.

Acquired skills and competence

After graduating you will have excellent knowledge of fundamental Business understanding, ICT in complex organisations and scientific foundations. You will have developed skills and knowledge to contribute to IT strategies in large organisations and become the bridge between the general management and IT departments.

Jorge Osorio


Jorge Osorio

“During my master’s in Leiden I developed a broad view of IT.”

“The KLM programme that trains participants for the position of IT manager has a stringent selection process. You have to have good analytical skills, be able to handle people and have broad technological knowledge.

What’s interesting is that in my Leiden master’s ICT in Business I learned to regard IT from these different perspectives – not only from a purely technological, but also from a social, economic and organisational viewpoint. I am now reaping the benefits of this.”


Graduates of our programme are particularly well qualified for a career path leading to Chief Information Officer in a large organisation. Graduates have found jobs in all kinds of organisations; profit, non-profit, governmental, within or outside Europe. A master’s degree in ICT in Business is also an excellent preperation to start a PhD track. Quite some students decide to become an entrepreneur.

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