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Politics, Culture and National Identities, 1789 to the Present (MA)

Meet our staff

Dr. M.J. Janse

Maartje Janse is a university lecturer at the Institute for History. Her research interest lie in Political culture, history of the Netherlands, United States and Great-Britain. View her full profile here

Dr. J.H.C. Kern

Henk Kern is University Lecturer at the institute for History with an expertise in Russian and Soviet history. He teaches the course The Russian Revolution Revisited. View his full profile here

Prof.dr. B. Schoenmaker

Ben Schoenmaker is Professor by special appointment of Military History at the Leiden institute for History. His research interests span the history of the Dutch armed forces and especially the Dutch contribution to international military and naval operations. Dutch defence policy and the relationship between armed forces and society in the nineteenth century. View his full profile here

Dr. H.J. Storm

Eric Storm is a Senior University Lecturer at the Institute for History. His research interest lie in high culture (art, architecture) and more banal forms of nationalism (tourism, world fairs, domestic sphere, cuisine). View his full profile here

Prof.dr. H. te Velde

Henk te Velde is Professor of Dutch History at the Leiden University Institute for History. His research interests span the fields of national identity, political history and culture. View his full profile here.

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