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Ancient History (research) (MA)

Meet our staff

Dr. K. Beerden

Kim Beerden is an university lecturer at the Institute for History. Her research interest lie in the ancient mentalities, with a focus on the religions in the Graeco-Roman world. View her full profile here

Dr. L.M.G.F.E. Claes

Liesbeth Claes is a university lecturer at the Institute for History. She teaches Imperial Legitimacy and the workshop: Roman Numismatics. Her research interest mostly lie in Imperial Rome, with a specialism in ancient numismatics. View her full profile here

Dr. M. Flohr

Miko Flohr is University Lecturer at the Institute for History. His research interests lies with the impact of empire formation on everyday praxis in culture, society and economy, particularly in the Roman world. In his work he studies the archaeological remains of urban architecture, as well as epigraphy. View his full profile here.

Prof.dr. L. de Ligt

Luuk de Ligt teaches Cultural interactions and identities in the Graeco-Roman world and Administration, socciety, culture and religion in Roman Egypt. His research interests lie in the social and economic history, demography, Roman republic, legal sources, and epigraphy. View his full profile here

Dr. R. Matuszewski

RafaƂ Matuszewski is university lecturer at the Institute for History. His research focuses primarily on social, cultural and religious history of the ancient (esp. Greek) Mediterranean. In his research, he seeks to integrate textual, material, and epigraphic evidence in an attempt to illuminate the lived experiences of people in the past. View his full profile here

Dr. L.E. Tacoma

Rens Tacoma is a university lecturer at the Institute for History. He teaches the Research Workhop: Greek and Latin Epigraphy. His research interests lie at the social and economic history of the ancient world. View his full profile here.

Prof.dr. J.K. Zangenberg

Jurgen Zangenberg is Professor for Ancient Judaism and Early Christianity. His research focuses on the place of ancient Jewish communities in the Greco-Roman context, their self-definition as cultural and ethnic minority, their literature and material culture, and on how early Christianity originated from its Jewish and Greco-Roman matrix and slowly developed its peculiar way of life and thought. View his full profile here

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