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Intelligence and National Security (MSc)


You can get even more from your education by participating in a number of extracurricular activities.

Academic Excellence Programme CSM

CSM-students who have a strong wish to further develop their research skills - for instance, because they aspire an academic career or another research-led career - have the opportunity to join an Academic Excellence Programme. This 15-ECTS trajectory is not part of the formal CSM-programme and cannot be used to obtain ECTS in order to graduate. The grade obtained will not be part of the diploma of CSM, however, it will be shown as extra-curricular achievement on the CSM diploma supplement. As this is an extra-curricular trajectory, students have to fulfil certain conditions (the mean rounded grade for all the CSM-courses should be for instance at least an eight - so, a 7.75 or more) in order to enrol in the Academic Excellence Programme. Students can only start in the AEP after finalizing the CSM-programme.

Leiden Leadership Programme

Do you like a personal challenge in leadership? Then join the Leiden Leadership Programme. The Leiden Leadership Programme (LLP) is a one-year honours programme for master’s students. During the LLP, Master’s students from a wide range of studies partake in lectures and trainings. You apply the acquired knowledge and skills in a practical assignment for a company or an organisation. Through this, you learn to make an impact within a relevant social theme.
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