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Crisis and Security Management (MSc)

Programme structure

The CSM programme teaches a multidisciplinary perspective on the governance of security. The central question is: who provides security and how is that done? The electives offered in this programme provide insight on specific security topics.

Programme outline

In this MSc you gain the knowledge and skills necessary to become a professional researcher in a security or crisis related field; a civil servant at a security, defense, or foreign or internal affairs institution; or to be a private sector professional advising other institutions on these issues. Regardless of your focus this degree provides you with the practical and theoretical tools to tackle emerging security/crisis issues through a governance perspective.

Some of the courses

This course gives an outline of the phenomenon of terrorism and radicalisation. This is followed by an in-depth analysis of a specific issue: European citizens and residents fighting in the civil war in Syria. The course investigates this specific phenomenon from various theoretical perspectives.

According to public perception cyber space has become an ‘ungoverned space’, out of reach for governments and businesses. Cyber-crime and - terrorism have proliferated as a result. This cyber-governance module will look at where responsibility for cyber security in the public-private-individual triangle is placed.

This course focuses on the historical trajectory of internal/external European security policies, EU institutions, practices and the tension between the national and European level when it comes to dealing with cross-border security issues – particularly threats at the nexus of internal and external security.

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During your first two blocks of the CSM programme, you can choose two electives from a relatively broad offering.  Each elective focuses on specific security challenges – for example cyber-security, the privatisation of CSM, or local security networks. You may choose your electives in order to broaden your perspective or conversely, to specialise in a topic. Often students choose their electives in relation to their thesis topic.

For more information, please visit the e-Prospectus.

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