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Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences - Leiden University

Drug Discovery and Safety (MSc)

Career prospects

In the Master’s programme in Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences of Leiden University you are trained for a scientific career in drug research and development.

After graduating in the BPS with specialisation Drug and Target Discovery students are theoretically and experimentally trained in innovative drug research. Depending on the individually tailored programme students are either specialized in a specific area of Drug and Target Discovery research or have gained a more broad training. The extensive hands-on experience in specialized research projects is a strong asset. The combination of expertise in drug research and academic skills makes BPS graduates  attractive for employers, irrespective of the chosen specialisation. All students who complete the master Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences, regardless of the specialisation, are admissible to a PhD programme in Bio-Pharmaceutical, Biomedical or other Life Sciences.


One finds graduates from Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences in the entire width of the (bio)pharmaceutical field. Their careers generally remain closely related to the field of drug discovery and design, or the development and production of drugs, including drug quality, safety and clinical trials. Jobs outside research include various functions in the pharmaceutical industry, in biotechnology companies, or with the government.

Many graduates from Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences choose a career in scientific research and pursue a PhD degree. After obtaining your PhD degree you can continue as a postdoctoral fellow and subsequently, via a tenure track position at university, develop further to assistant-, associate-, or full professor.

  • 59 % University (Medical Centre)/Research Institute*
  • 29 % Pharmaceutical/Biotechnology Industry
  • 3 % Food/Cosmetics Industry
  • 2 % Entrepreneur/Freelancer
  • 2 % Education/Science Communication
  • 2 % Continue schooling
  • 3 % Other

*Predominantly PhD positions

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