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Astronomy Research (MSc)


Are you interested in the master’s programme Astronomy and do you have minor deficiencies in your previous education which keep you from meeting the entry requirements? Then the Astronomy pre-master’s programme might be an option for you.

The Astronomy pre-master’s programme is designed especially for applicants holding a university or HBO degree (applied sciences) in a related field of science with proven experience in the field of astronomy, who lack specific knowledge or experience required for successful participation in the Astronomy master’s programme. These deficiencies usually include astronomy, math and/or physics courses, which can be included in a tailored Astronomy pre-master’s programme.

The pre-master’s programme can only be imposed by the Board of Admissions, and is therefore not a programme for which students can apply themselves. Upon successful completion of the Astronomy pre-master’s programme within the deadline imposed by the Board of Admissions, students will be admitted to the Astronomy master’s programme.

For more information on courses, application procedures and costs, see the e-Prospectus

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