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East Asian Studies (MA) (60EC)

Career prospects

Create a world of opportunities with a master's degree from Leiden University.

What our graduates do

As a graduate of the MA in Asian Studies, you are qualified to work within a variety of fields where there is demand for expertise in Asia, including journalism and publishing, international trade, marketing, business, public relations, education, development aid, and in government, non-profit and international organisations.

Some of the occupations of our graduates include:

  • Curator at a museum
  • Collections manager at a natural history museum
  • Project officer for heritage at a governmental agency
  • Art teacher at a secondary school
  • Auctioneer at an online auction house
  • Research consultant at a recruitment company
  • Teacher of art and theory at an art school
  • Freelance artist and illustrator
  • PhD candidate
  • Market researchers at a Korea trade center
  • Japanese language teacher

Research Master

If you have ambitions to pursue a PhD position or career as a researcher outside of academia you can apply for the two-year Research Master in Asian Studies on completion of the programme.

A Leiden University degree

Leiden University Master's graduates are sought-after employees at (inter)national organisations. Our graduates are known for their combination of robust academic training, in-depth and relevant knowledge, and critical, multidisciplinary approach to problem-solving.

Robert Beers

Graduated in East Asian Studies (MA Asian Studies)

Robert Beers

"In my current position as management trainee at TU Delft, I benefit every day from having followed the MA East Asian Studies. I owe it to this programme that I have a unique outlook on the world, which makes a great difference when making decisions or doing business."

Intercultural sensitivity

"It improved my analytic skills, critical thinking and problem solving abilities. Thanks to my one of a kind background, heightened intercultural sensitivity and communication skills, I am able to create opportunities that make life and career even more interesting!"

Plenty of flexibility and freedom

"Whichever track you choose within the programme, there is plenty of flexibility and freedom to pursue your own academic interests. I really enjoyed the diversity of the curriculum. My field of study being sociology, I wrote my thesis about the relationship between fans and anti-fans in Korean popular music fandom. I followed intensive courses that provided essential and comprehensive material which proved very useful for my perception of the world as well as my research. Another fantastic asset of this programme is the option to do an internship. This is a great way to prepare you for your career."

The graphs below are based on alumni data from the MA Asian Studies 2015-2019. 

In which sector do students find jobs?

  • 30.0 % Government and semi-government
  • 20.0 % Education
  • 10.0 % IT
  • 10.0 % Research
  • 10.0 % Financial institutions
  • 10.0 % Information management

How successful are they in finding a job?

  • 77.0 % found a job within two months
  • 62.0 % found their first job at academic level

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