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Intelligence Studies

Since the Second World War, intelligence and security services have played an important role in policy and decision making, particularly with regards to a state’s national security. In this minor programme we study both the organisations, their working methods, their analysis techniques, as well as the political, bureaucratic, and social context of intelligence and security services.

Is this the right minor for you?

This English minor programme hopes to attract students who have a keen interest in the work of intelligence and security services in general and the institutional, organisational, and operational aspects of their work in particular. Students interested in ethics, policy, and (international) politics are more than welcome too. Any foreknowledge of the issues discussed in the minor is not necessary, but students are expected to have affinity with security issues.

Simon Wilmetts

Assistant Professor

Simon Wilmetts

“The role of intelligence in policy and decision making is still to a large extent a missing dimension’. Few people know what it actually consists of. In the light of its growing importance, we think it is important to strengthen our knowledge on intelligence and security services.”

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