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Tax and Society: Building a Sustainable and Fair Tax System

Tax scandals, like the Panama Papers, the Paradise Papers, and the Pandora Papers, have made taxation a major topic of public debate. The society urges multinationals and rich individuals to pay a fair share of taxes and pushes policymakers to make the global tax system more sustainable and fairer.

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The fundamental question of how a sustainable and fair tax system should be designed has become the subject of a societal and political debate that is unlikely to end any time soon. The corona crisis has only increased the budgetary needs of countries and reinforced the importance of fair, effective and sustainable taxation.

Are you interested in the obstacles and challenges to the international tax system, and its impact on the society and its development in light of a globalizing world? And are you motivated to get involved in rethinking the global tax system from the perspectives of fairness and sustainability? In that case, you should consider applying for our new minor ‘Tax and Society’

Audience: students interested in real-life societal tax issues

The minor targets students with an interest in societal tax issues that would like to contribute to a more sustainable and fairer global tax system. You don’t need a tax law background to apply for this minor. So, if you study political science or computer science and are interested in real-life tax issues, you should certainly join our minor. Of course, the minor is also appealing if you study tax law or economics and want to better understand the impact of tax systems on the society. The minor is given in English. So, you can also participate as a foreign (exchange) student. The minor paves the way for a future career in the field of strategy, policy, and/or regulation.

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