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Other alumni whose portraits Rembrandt painted

Rembrandt painted the portraits of more Leiden alumni than we can show in the route. Discover who else posed for Rembrandt.

Rembrandt, 1632, Portrait of Maurits Huygens, oil on panel, 31.1 x 24.5 cm, Hamburger Kunsthalle

Maurits Huygens

Maurits Huygens (1595-1642) was Secretary to the Council of State. He began studying law in Leiden in 1616, together with his brother Constantijn, who introduced Rembrandt to the court of stadholder Frederik Hendrik. This resulted in many commissions for Rembrandt.





Rembrandt, Portrait of Jacob de Gheyn III, 1632, oil on panel, 29.9 x 24.9 cm, Dulwich Picture Gallery

Jacob de Gheyn III

Jacob de Gheyn III (1596-1641) was a painter, engraver and draughtsman. He studied law in Leiden and was a friend of Maurits Huygens, whose portrait was also painted by Rembrandt.






Rembrandt,1654, Portrait of Jan Six, oil on canvas, 112 × 102 cm, Six Collection.

Jan Six

Jan Six (1618-1700) was a regent and writer. He studied law and the liberal arts in Leiden, and was the friend and patron of Rembrandt. 




Dr Jan Deijman

Jan Deijman (1619-1666) was an Amsterdam physician. He studied medicine in Leiden. Much of this painting from 1656 was destroyed in a fire in the 18th century. The painting was originally of Deijman and eight surgeons. Deijman is the person performing the dissection, but his head has been consumed by the fire. 

Rembrandt, 1656, The Anatomy Lesson of Dr Deijman, oil on canvas, 100 × 134 cm (much of the canvas was consumed by fire) Hermitage Amsterdam, on loan from Amsterdam Museum
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