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Support for students

Find out where you as a Leiden University student can turn for support if you need it. Also read about dignity and respect in the online learning environment.

Study adviser

If you need help or advice with your studies, for instance on personal problems with your studies or more practical matters, please contact the study adviser for your degree programme. Are you having difficulty studying? Or are extenuating circumstances causing you to fall behind with your studies? Tell your study adviser as soon as possible.

Talk to someone at Meeting Point

If you are a student and have been affected (directly or indirectly) by the events in Israel or Gaza, you’re welcome to drop by Meeting Point or The Hague if you would like to talk to someone.

Meeting Point Leiden

Plexus Student Centre
Thursday: 13.
30 - 15.30
Friday: 11.00 - 13.00

Meeting Point/POPcorner The Hague

Beehive Student Centre
Tuesday: 12.00 - 14.00

Israel-Gaza crisis support groups

We are running special support groups for students under the guidance of psychologist Sepideh Saadat. If you are a student at Leiden University and have been personally affected by the Israel-Gaza crisis, you are welcome to join these groups. We can set up different groups based on the preferences of the various student communities.
Leiden University Israel-Gaza crisis support groups.

Student psychologists

You can also make an appointment with one of our student psychologists if you are experiencing problems with your studies. Please allow for an average waiting time of three weeks.

Diversity and inclusion

If you have questions relating to diversity and inclusion, please contact the D&I Expertise Office: diversiteit@leidenuniv.nl

Dignity and respect in the (online) learning environment

The way we treat each other can affect the general mood and how safe you and others feel at university. During your studies, you will use a variety of online learning environments. Here too, you should contribute constructively in a manner appropriate to an academic learning environment. Together, students and staff can help create a safe and welcoming learning environment for everyone at Leiden University.

We have therefore shared some Do's on the Dignity and respect in the online learning environment campaign page. If you have experienced any unpleasantness in any of the online environments you use, you will find a variety of places you can go for advice or support on the page.

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