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This dossier is for all members of our academic community who want to contribute to an open dialogue and wish to find out more about the context of the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Emotions have been running high worldwide since the outbreak of this conflict and our university community too has been deeply affected. The university shares people’s concerns, which is why we have created this dossier page.

Dialogue and explanation

Students and staff have expressed an interest in discussing the situation in Israel and the Palestinian territories. They wish to voice their concerns but also share their thoughts and ideas. We have also heard that there is a need for more explanation of the background of the long-running and complicated conflict in Israel and the Palestinian territories.   

To share knowledge and facilitate conversations and dialogues on the topic, we are therefore providing this dossier, which includes an academic reading list, information for lecturers on how to lead classroom discussions and the details of where students and staff can turn for support.

Holding events

There are many activities and meetings being organised at the moment. We recommend you check your own faculty's site for an overview.

If you are planning a meeting or event, please see the house rules first. These list the criteria for booking rooms. The existing rules have been supplemented because there is a strong desire to meet with like-minded people within our community. This is something we want to respond to. We expect it to be possible to discuss challenging topics constructively within our academic community. We do not condone bigotry or intolerance, different treatment of students or staff because of their ethnicity or religion, or incitement to hatred and violence in any shape or form. Our university must be a safe place that fosters connection and knowledge exchange. This is a responsibility that we share together. During events, it is therefore important to show respect in conversations, thus creating space for different opinions. The meeting organiser bears responsibility for this. 


This page is a living document and will be updated as and when necessary.

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