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In developing cooperation with Indonesia, Leiden University focuses on projects that benefit culture, nature, society and economy, in Indonesia as well as in the Netherlands.

Through our collaborative activities in education and research we try to contribute to improving cultural heritage management, to the documentation of languages, the strengthening of the rule of law, protection of human rights, measures against corruption, forest conservation, et cetera.

Indonesian organisations

In order to realise this, Leiden scientists not only collaborate with their academic counterparts in Indonesia but also with various private and public organisations in the region. Important partners in this respect are the National Archive in Indonesia, various national Ministries, NGOs in for instance environment or human rights and local communities.

Botanical gardens

The Hortus botanicus in Leiden has a longstanding cooperation with the botanical garden (Kebun Raya) in Bogor, both for research and education.

Non university actors

Leiden University is also exploring further involvement of non university actors in Leiden in its cooperation with Indonesia. Important partners in future activities could be the Leiden Bio Science ParkLeiden Global and the various museums in Leiden like the Naturalis Biodiversity Center and the National Museum of Ethnology.

KITLV Jakarta

Leiden University’s KITLV-Jakarta office collects current publications published in Indonesia for the Asian Library in Leiden. Furthermore, as a representative office the KITLV-Jakarta Office functions as a representative office of Leiden University and as an import liaison between Leiden University and partner organisations in Indonesia.

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