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Close cooperation in education between Leiden University and Indonesian partners occurs in many fields and range from student exchanges to science research projects.


Cosmopolis Advanced is an initiative of the Institute for History at Leiden University in partnership with Humanities and History Departments in Indonesia and will start in 2017. It is the continuation of the Cosmopolis Programme. It offers a unique opening for advanced international students who aim for a Leiden PhD degree in the fields of Colonial & Global History, Archival & Postcolonial Studies, and Colonial Law.

Science research projects

The Leiden University Faculty of Science is cooperating with Universitas Indonesia and Universitas Gadjah Mada to organise research projects for students. For instance, 12 students from UI will work together with 12 students of Leiden at a UI field station to conduct joint projects on sustainability.

LUMC half minors

Leiden University Medical Center offers English taught electives (half minors). Each elective course of ten weeks covers a specific theme and has strong links with cutting-edge research within LUMC. These electives can be supplemeted with research projects or other English taught courses to form a full semester abroad. Indonesian students can receive scholarships for this through an Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility project the LUMC acquired.

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