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Of War Clubs and Feather Cloaks

Investigating the relations between Tupi Indigenous Knowledge, Museum Collections and the Dutch Colonization of Brazil


Leandro is a postdoctoral researcher under the ERC funded project Indigenous Knowledge in the Making of Science: Historia Naturalis Brasiliae (1648), coordinated by Dr. Mariana Fran├žozo. As a member of the ERC-Brasiliae Project, his research investigates how Brazilian ethnographic artifacts now housed in European museums and collections simultaneously express aspects related to the historical context of Dutch and European colonialism in Brazil as well as regarding indigenous agency. By conducting a study of artifacts produced by indigenous groups of the Tupi linguistic stock (Tronco Tupi) and dialoguing with historical and ethnographic sources, the study seeks to understand how these objects played a part in the transmission, from Colonial Brazil to Europe, of Tupi Indigenous Knowledge regarding plants and animals.

People involved

Dr. Leandro Matthews Cascon

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