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Centre for Indigenous Americas Studies

Language documentation Ecuador

Collaborative linguistic research on indigenous languages of Ecuador: description, documentation & materials


This project involves collaborative linguistic research carried out by the PI and various indigenous peoples in Ecuador, such as, the Karanki Kichwa from Chirihuasi and surroundings, the Siona from Puerto Bolívar and Sototsiaya, and the Awá represented by the Federación de Centros Awá en el Ecuador (FCAE). This project aims 1. to provide descriptions for lesser understood linguistic structures of the languages involved (Kichwa, Siona and Awapit), such as evidential constructions, the egophoric system, differential case marking, and nominal categorization 2. to train community members in language documentation techniques and linguistic analysis taking into account the local interests and needs, and 3. to produce materials that can be used for the communities’ specific goals, such revitalization and education.

People involved

Dr. Martine Bruil

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