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Career College: Working as a Consultant

Are you consindering a career in consultancy but not really sure what it entails? Then this Career College could help you gain insight into the career opportunities related to consultancy

Annemarie Loeters  (Studiekeuze-/loopbaanadviseur)

Are you considering a career in consultancy but not sure what it really entails? Then this Career College could help you gain insight into the career opportunities related to consultancy. A diverse panel will share their career paths and experiences in the field.

With great pleasure we introduce our panel members:

-    Sari Wempe – Management Consulting Analyst at Accenture (Chemical Engineering educational background)
-    Luuk Oudshoorn - Consultant Finance and Transactions at Rebel (Physics and Astronomy educational background)
-    Jaco Tetteroo – Azure Data Specialist/Consultant at Fortezza (educational background in Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence)
-    Nils Kooijman – Principal Consultant at Hezelburcht Grant & Funding Consultancy (educational background in Biology)

The participating panel members have a background in Science or (Bio)medical Sciences as this event is organized by Science and LUMC Career Service and therefore specifically developed for the faculties of Science & LUMC. The event is however available to Bachelor and Master students and recent graduates of all faculties and study programs of Leiden University.

There will be the opportunity to ask questions such as:

  • What motivation did they have to start a career in consultancy?
  • Whichs skills are necessary to be a succesful consultant?
  • What does a typical day look like at the job?
  • Is a specific background essential for work in consultancy?
  • How can consultancy be applied in jobs outside the typical "science" industry?

Join the discussion and ask your questions about the opportunities and challenges, frustrations and success factors of working in consultancy.

This career college is free of charge and available to all Bachelor and Master students and recent graduates of Leiden University. Note: In contrast to last semester, this career college can now be followed by students from all faculties and study programmes.

The career college will take place on campus and has a maximum capacity of 104 participants. See location details in the right column!


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