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Career College: To PhD or not to PhD?

Some of you might know already from the very beginning that obtaining a PhD after graduating is what you want. Another group of students knows that obtaining a PhD would not suit them or make them happy. You could however also be one of the students, who is in doubt about this question. During this career event a panel of Alumni might help you to deal with this question by sharing their PhD or non-PhD experience and by telling you why they did or did not choose to pursue a PhD.


Maybe you did not think about it yet at the start of your studies and started considering if a PhD would be something for you at a later stage. Maybe you always thought obtaining a PhD could be something for you, but realized that some of the aspects seem not to suit you so well or maybe you never thought of obtaining a PhD, but it seems necessary to pursue the career perspective you have in mind.

During this online career event a panel of Science and LUMC Alumni of whom some choose to do a PhD and of whom some choose not to do a PhD will share their stories with you. They will explain about the considerations they took into account when deciding whether to do a PhD or not and share something about their work experience with you, with or without having obtained a PhD.

It is with great pleasure to present the panel members who will be joining this event:

  • Arjan Zwamborn – Medior Scientist Energy Transition Studies, TNO (no PhD) – educational background in Biology Bsc & Earth Sciences Msc
  • Mirjam Kruijt – PhD Candidate, LUMC department of Clinical Chemistry (initially no PhD, now PhD candidate) – educational background in Biology Bsc & Infection & Immunity Msc
  • Bastiaan Florijn - Scientist Innovator, TNO Optics (PhD) – educational background in Physics Msc
  • Marloes van Dorst – PhD student, LUMC department of Parasitology (PhD) – educational background in Biomedical Sciences Msc & Health Sciences – International Public Health Msc

There will be the opportunity to discuss several topics with the panel members, such as:
•    How does your study and career path look like?
•    What is the current job that you do? Is your current work research related? What made you decide to do the work you are doing?
•    What made you decide to do a PhD or not? 
•    Is a PhD degree a benefit for your career? 
•    What advantages do you experience without doing a PhD?
•    What would you advise students who are doubting about whether or not a PhD could be something for them?

Join the discussion and ask all of your questions about the opportunities and challenges, frustrations and success factors of doing a PhD or not.

The participating panel members have a background in Science or (Bio)medical Sciences as this event is organized on the faculty day of the Leiden University Career Week and therefore specifically developed for the faculties of Science & LUMC. The event is however available to Bachelor and Master students and recent graduates of all faculties and study programs of Leiden University. 

The event will take place online. If you register for the career college, you will receive further details and a link to the online environment a day before the event at the latest. 

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