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Kunst en vrije tijd - Dans

Dance Improvisation: Tactile Gaze | sensorial practices

Saturday 20 & Sunday 21 April from 10:00-13:00 h

Emilie Gallier

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Tactile Gaze  | dance and improvisation practice by Emilie Gallier

In this workshop, we dance in the company of papers, colourful matters, and dance books of all shape and texture, to grow the tactility of our eyes. Through the tactile gaze practice, our eyes become feet for magic wanderings through our environment. Playing with the ranges of our gaze, we experience shifts in scale, at times, feeling very small, and other times elongated bodies. 
The workshop takes place in the morning. I will propose aspects of the tactile gaze practice that opens to brightness and light in energizing ways. We will peek into our dreams to invite their qualities into our days and movements. 

‘Do not touch with your hands. But you can touch with your eyes.’ My mum used to tell me these words when I was a child, as we would wander together at the street markets. How can I touch with my eyes? How can I sense volumes, textures, and weight by looking? How can I taste with my eyes? Tactile Gaze is a dance practice that trains the eye to touch and cultivates an access to our imaginations while dancing. 

Testimonial of a student of the Tactile gaze course:
'This course is actually dance improvisation: without dance steps, without judgements about right or wrong, beautiful or ugly. We explore what it is like to make your gaze more tactile: softer, less critical. Discover what it is like to not only rely on your eyes in dance, but to use all your senses: your body, ears, touch, smell, balance. And experience that you 'see' more as a result. Emilie has a calm and understanding way of guiding. She invites, follows, gently steers. She uses unexpected objects for inspiration: lights, books, paper. This sometimes makes the evenings magical. It makes me feel alert and grounded at the same time. What I also really like is that the course attracts people of all ages. I always feel very welcome.' 

Emilie Gallier is a choreographer researcher who lives in Leiden (The Netherlands). She developed the idea and practice of reading in and as performance (Reading in Performance, Lire en Spectacle), in her practice-as-research PhD (2021, Centre for Dance Research Coventry University, THIRD DAS Graduate School). Her engagement with artistic research as a researcher, a tutor (for research fellows of THIRD in Amsterdam), peer (she is a peer of the PEERS program in Zürich), bookworm and spectator, shapes her attention and experience with forms of writing and publishing, and with what is active in practices. She is co-founder of Les Minieres in Normandy (France), at the intersection of regenerative agriculture and performing art practices. In 2022, Emilie Gallier joins the Erasmus+ project Extraordinary Dances (Dance and Handicap) with the Leiden-based group Domino. More info: post-cie.com

Interview with Emilie Gallier 

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