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Kunst en vrije tijd - Schrijven

Journaling for stress relief (English spoken)

Saturday from 10:00-12:00 h

Carolyn van Es-Vines

Dates: 21 & 28 sept, 12 & 19 oct, 2 & 9 nov

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Whether you're a seasoned diary keeper or a curious newbie, this course is for you. Internationals are welcome as instruction and discussions are in English. Journal writing (which will not be shared) can be done in your native language.

Neanderthals, Roman rulers, and today's shining stars – what do they all have in common? They've all dabbled in the ancient art of journal writing. From basic cave drawings to written meditations, we've relied on journaling to recap our daily activities, express our deepest thoughts and make sense of this wild ride called life.

Join this 6-part course to learn how to use journaling specifically to find relief from everyday stress. Specially-designed prompts will show you what stress feels like, where in your body it presents itself, and how you feel when you release it.

Each session will be a mix of interesting facts about journal writing, inspiring chats about the journaling process and useful tips on how to sustain your journaling once the course has ended.  

Bring your current journal or a favorite notebook that you can use for the duration of the course. And of course a pen or pencil.

Week 1:  Getting started - What is journal writing?
Week 2:  Deconstructing stress - How do I write about stress in my journal?
Week 3:  Dismantling stress - How do I write about the thoughts, feelings and emotions underlying stress?
Week 4:  Reframing stress - How can I write in my journal to feel relief from stress?Week 5:  Gratitude journaling - How do I incorporate gratitude if I'm feeling stressed?
Week 6:  Wrapping up - What are some tips for long-term journal writing?

*Though there are no formal writing assignments, journaling between classes is encouraged.

Carolyn van Es-Vines is the author of black and (A)broad: traveling beyond the limitations of identity. She was a regular contributor to ACCESS Magazine, a publication created for and by the international community in the Netherlands. In addition to being an international speaker and Certified Professional.

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