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Jimpitan in Wonosobo, Central Java: An Indigenous Institution in the Context of Sustainable Socio-Economic Development in Indonesia

  • A. Swaningrum
woensdag 28 juni 2023
Rapenburg 73
2311 GJ Leiden


  • Prof.dr. G.R. de Snoo
  • Prof.dr. G.A. Persoon


In times of hardships or crisis, local people know how to deal with it using their resourcefulness. Although efforts are sometimes made by the government to help them, they are fully aware that community support is at least equally important. moreover, poor people in Indonesia mainly depends on the relatives, neighbors, and community for their safety net. Community participation in dealing with adversity relies on activities from within the community. Community assistance in Central Java in the form of rice assistance is called jimpitan. It is the collection of a small portion of rice taken routinely from households in a neighborhood which is then accumulated and distributed to those in need. Jimpitan empowers local people and encourage them to participate in decision-making that influences their life, which then create social cohesion. Nowadays, jimpitan is collected in form of money and distributed as loans. The arrangements of local people's loans and savings is the key to understanding the poverty-reducing credit initiatives. It depicts the importance of studying the utilization of jimpitan as an indigenous institution with a view to be integrated as an alternative contribution to the poverty reduction. Jimpitan offers risk management and health micro-insurance, it preserves social economic and cultural value, and it gives funding for various activities of the members of the society.


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