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Multi-level approaches for the proteoform characterization of therapeutic antibodies by mass spectrometry

  • I.F.K. Grunert
woensdag 17 mei 2023
Rapenburg 73
2311 GJ Leiden


  • Prof.dr. M. Wuhrer


Nowadays, therapeutic antibodies are the major and fastest growing class of biotherapeuticals⁠. Since their invention, they are continuously developed to improve structural and functional characteristics⁠. The high complexity of recently generated antibody derivatives, with various modifications induced during the manufacturing process itself leads to many proteoform variants of the desired product⁠. These proteoforms can potentially exhibit altered activity⁠. Therefore, an adequate characterization of the proteoforms, the assessment of their impact and careful monitoring of critical species is indispensable in order to guarantee effective and safe biopharmaceuticals⁠. As the landscape of next-generation Ab formats continuously evolves, it is likewise of great importance to further develop appropriate analytical methods for their thorough attribute analysis⁠. Hence, the focus of the research performed in this thesis is the development of multi-level approaches for the in-depth, primarily MS-based characterization of biopharmaceuticals to overcome the present restrictions and challenges arising e⁠.g⁠. by the implementation of complex Ab formats⁠.


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