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Statistics Workshop: All hands on Stata

  • Dr. Christian Brzinksky-Fay
vrijdag 9 december 2022
Kamerlingh Onnes Building
Steenschuur 25
2311ES Leiden
B0.36 (PC room)

Content of the workshop

In all scientific disciplines, the number of statistical methods is growing in parallel with the speed of computers, and statistical software is the most important tool to apply them. This workshop will explain the basic functions of Stata and give you an introduction to the fundamental concepts of statistics and demonstrate their application using Stata. It will demonstrate how to apply these to various data and how to analyze with the help of the statistical software „Stata”. Since we cannot go into the details of each method, the workshop provides a comprehensive overview of how to analyze quantitative data using Stata. The event is open to all PhD students, MA students, (empirical-legal) researchers and other staff of law schools in the Netherlands. It is not required to be trained in Stata to participate in the event. This workshop is free of charge, organized by the ELS Academy. Seats are limited and registration is required. Please register via this link or contact dr. Helen Pluut directly by 07-12-2022 (first come, first served).


10:00 – Introduction Stata Day

10:15 – Introduction: All Hands on Stata (45 minutes)

Dr. Brzinsky-Fay will start with a general introduction into Stata’s basic functions by covering the following topics:

  • Where do I find help and resources for learning about Stata? - How do I get data into Stata?
  • What tools are available for manipulating and cleaning data?
  • How can I create and customize tables and graphs (e.g., histograms, bar charts, scatterplots)?
  • How do I combine datasets?
  • How do I use reproducible do-files in Stata?

11:00 – Break 11:15 – Statistics: An introduction (45 minutes)

In this part, dr. Brzinsky-Fay will present an introduction to the fundamental concepts of statistics and demonstrate their application using Stata. We will have a look at measures of central tendency, distributions, statistical testing, bivariate relations, covariance and correlation.

12:00 – Lunch break

13:00 – Regression Modelling from Scratch to the Publication I (45 minutes)

This section demonstrates how to fit regression models in Stata. It covers the stepwise construction of a model, different outputs (regression tables), post-estimation commands (e.g., for prediction), presentation of results (coefficient plots) and regression diagnostics. We will concentrate exemplarily on linear regression here.

13:45 - Break

14:00 – Regression Modelling from Scratch to the Publication II (45 minutes)

This part includes the calculation and presentation of marginal effects using Stata’s margins and margins plot commands. Dr. Brzinsky-Fay will also present a couple of different regression models and their application with Stata.

14:45 – Break 15:00 – Tips & Tricks in Stata (45 Minutes)

Here, dr. Brzinsky-Fay will present some unusual tricks how to solve particular problems when using Stata. We will also cover the generation of results’ sheets as preparation for creating sophisticated graphs.

15:45 – Questions

16:00 – End

Information on the speaker

Dr. Christian Brzinksky-Fay is a social scientist at the Berlin Social Science Center (WZB) and DPC Stata consultant. He has been a Stata user for two decades. His research interests are focusing on labour markets, education, school-to-work transitions, social inequality and life-course research. He taught many Stata and method courses in academic and non-academic contexts.

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