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Can predicting the future help us to make better decisions about our health?

dinsdag 6 december 2022
Rijksmuseum Boerhaave

Many apps and websites provide calculators of our individual risk of developing a disease using information about our age, lifestyle, our current health etc. It is expected that advances in artificial intelligence will make such predictions increasingly accurate. But what happens if we make decisions based on these predictions?

For example, what if we change our lifestyle or start to use certain medications? Most algorithms don’t give reliable answers to this question. In this public lecture Daniala Weir, Nan van Geloven and Ruth Keogh will discuss how we can develop new tools that use health data in such a way that we are able to predict what our risk of a disease would be if we made certain decisions.  

17.15  Arrival @Boerhaave + Coffee/tea
17.30  Start public lecture, welcome by Boerhaave
18.30  Drinks

This public lecture is part of the workshop Counterfactual prediction for personalized healthcare.

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