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CSC fellowship awarded to Liwen Meng

Liwen Meng has been granted a CSC fellowship to initiate her PhD project, which will delve into the role of nature in buffering stress response. Her research will be carried out under the supervision of Dr. Henk van Steenbergen.

Nature's role in buffering stress response

Liwen's project aims to examine how engaging with nature buffers the stress responses across multiple systems and timescales. Beyond investigating the impact of actual natural environments, she is also strategizing to undertake this research using virtual reality technology to simulate natural settings.

In today's world, characterized by economic recessions, natural disasters, political conflicts, and emerging epidemics, individuals across society are confronting an escalating array of fresh challenges and unparalleled pressures. The natural environment, with its accessibility, offers us a cost-effective means of recuperating from stress. Substantial evidence indicates that engaging with nature holds significant potential for facilitating individual stress recovery and enhancing public health.

By scrutinizing the complex stress-buffering effects of the natural world, Liwen's project will not only assist individuals in adapting to novel and evolving environments but also furnish valuable insights for constructing a resilient society.

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