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Within the broader scope of the interdisciplinary programme 'Social Resilience and Security', we seek to provide a broad and deep understanding of the dimensions and etiology of transgressive behaviours, the effects of interventions, and resilience against such behaviours.

These effects include, but are not limited to, the effects of individual (behavioural) interventions, the use and objectives of legal interventions and the effects of policy interventions.


In four years, the interdisciplinary pogramme 'Social Resilience and Security' will provide a basis for a durable and long-lasting collaboration between the five Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) faculties at Leiden University. Each faculty will contribute their unique knowledge to a common theme: security, conflict, and resilience in our society.

Interdisciplinary programmes at Leiden University

The Social Resilience and Security interdisciplinary programme is part of a larger initiative within Leiden University, to stimulate interdisciplinary research. A total of eight interdisciplinary programmes are currently being developed within the University. Please follow this link to read more about those programmes.  

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