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In the academic year 2021-2022 the SRS interdisciplinary programme will offer two courses for interested students who are entering the third year of their Bachelor's degree. You can sign up for these courses in your elective (minor) space. The courses are available to students from a wide range of faculties. Below, you will find information on each of the courses. Sign-up will open on the 15th of July 2021!

Course 6478RTVY: Resilience to Violence (5 EC)

You will learn about the impact of violence on resilience later in life. What are the psychological effects of exposure to violence? How can we increase resilience after exposure to violence

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Course 8910V001: Victims and Offenders of Violence (10 EC)

You will learn how we can explain violent victimization and offending: Who are these victims? And why did they become victimized? And: Who are these offenders, how did they become offenders, and how can we best respond to violent offending?

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