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Appointment Marieke Liem: Professor Social Resilience and Security

As part Leiden University's interdisciplinary programme Social Resilience and Security, dr. Marieke Liem has been appointed Professor Security and Interventions effective 1 January 2020.

The Chair Security and Interventions seeks to provide a fundamental contribution to the scholarly and societal debate in the field of security and interventions, with a particular focus on violence and violence prevention.

Interdisciplinary Programme Social Resilience and Security

As our society becomes increasingly complex, it is critical that we better understand how we can deal with fundamental issues such as societal and personal security, and resilience against threats to our security.

Over the past two decades, knowledge about transgressive behaviours threatening our security have greatly increased, with direct applications in education, law, conflict, and cooperation. At the same time, transgressive behaviours have mostly been studied in relative isolation, according to one disciplinary angle at a time. As transgressive behaviours affect individuals and institutions over the world, regardless of demographic, ethnic, or socio-economic background, there is a need to study these behaviours, and resilience against such behaviours, using multidisciplinary, or even interdisciplinary approaches.

Within the broader scope of the Inter-faculty Programme Social Resilience and Security, scholars from five faculties (FGGA, FSW, LAW, HUM and ARCH) seek to provide a broad and deep understanding of the dimensions and etiology of transgressive behaviours, the effects of interventions, and resilience against such behaviours. These effects include, but are not limited to, the effects of individual (behavioural) interventions, the use and objectives of legal interventions and the effects of policy interventions.

Marieke Liem

A graduate from the University of Cambridge, Marieke Liem completed her PhD in Forensic Psychology at Utrecht University. Her research interests involve interpersonal violence, with specific research projects on domestic homicide, the effect of mental health problems, the role of firearms and drugs in violent crime, the effects of incarceration of violent offenders, and international comparative research on lethal violence.

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