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How to make society more resilient? Anne-Laura van Harmelen explains the importance of friendships

Societal challenges call for a resilient society. In taking steps towards a more resilient society, friendships play a major role. But how exactly do friendships relate to resilient behavior? In Dutch opinion magazine Vrij Nederland, Anne-Laura van Harmelen (professor Brain, Safety and Resilience at Leiden University) explains that friendships make adolescents more sensitive to positive experiences.

Read the full article (in Dutch) published in opinion magazine Vrij Nederland.

Anne-Laura van Harmelen is a professor Brain, Safety and Resilience at Leiden University. She’s currently involved with the research program Social Resilience and Security, an interdisciplinary program designed to contribute to greater social security for all. Anne-Laura van Harmelen's research focuses on a better understanding of the complex social, psychological and neurobiological mechanisms of risk and resilience in adolescence.

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