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Social Resilience and Security

Social resilience and security has never been more important. Over the last 2 years, the COVID-19 pandemic has created a considerable disturbance to our personal and social lives. As a result, the general population reports more stress, loneliness and decreased quality of life. At the same time, there has been a sharp increase in suicidality and violence. For instance, rates of child maltreatment, and intimate partner violence have increased, and adolescent suicidality has increased by 15%.

Our research programme brings together key expertise across differential social research disciplines and key societal stakeholders. We team up with researchers from law, archaeology and humanities as well as with youth panels and public sectors. We believe that this inclusive way of doing research contributes to greater social resilience and a safer society for all.

As transgressive behaviours transect disciplinary boundaries, multi- and interdisciplinary approaches are needed to fully understand the etiology of transgressive behaviours.

Our programme seeks to improve social resilience and security through a focus the following topics: Adolescent risk and Resilience, Uncertainty and Violence in Society. 


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