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Inaugural lecture: facts and myths about resilience after childhood adversity

Anne-Laura van Harmelen, professor Brain, Safety and Resilience will give her inaugural lecture ‘Resilience does not exist’ (in Dutch) on Monday 27 June. In her inaugural lecture she will discuss resilience after childhood adversity.

What does resilience after childhood adversity mean?

One in three children and adolescents experiences childhood adversity, such as child abuse or bullying. Childhood adversity is one of the strongest predictors of many behavioral and mental problems in adolescence. Therefore, it is of major importance to better understand how we can increase resilience in youth with childhood trauma experiences. To be able to do so, we need to know what is right and wrong about resilience after childhood adversity.

In her inaugural lecture on Monday 27 June Anne-Laura van Harmelen will explain the facts and myths about resilience after childhood adversity. Register now ›

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