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Weishuo Li

PhD candidate / contract

Mr. W. Li
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Weishuo Li (Arthur) is a PhD candidate at Faculty of Archaeology, Leiden University.

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Weishuo Li (Arthur) is a PhD candidate at Faculty of Archaeology, Leiden University. His research project “Interaction in Ceramics, Trade and Ideas: A Comparative Study of Delftware and Chinese Exported Porcelain in the Netherlands, 1600-1750” intends to conduct a systematic comparison of the material culture of Delftware and the porcelain exported from China, with particular regard for their shapes and decorations or motifs.

Headed and supervised by Prof.dr. J.A.C. Vroom, the project is methodologically rooted in the typological and stylistic analysis of the materials (excavation outputs and museum collections) and written/iconographical sources. Certain patterns of Dutch-China porcelain trade in relation to the ceramic interaction will be addressed.

The project is expected to reveal the Dutch-China Trades which might have served as the platform for the interaction in ceramics. On such a platform, communication of ideas and perceptions, the implantation of Chinese culture in Dutch society in particular, that is hidden under the entanglement of the ceramic material cultures will be further unfolded. In this way, the research will hopefully shed new light on the Chinese-Western relations that continue to be contemporarily relevant in a globalized world.

Curriculum vitae

Weishuo Li (Arthur) has obtained his bachelor’s degree in Archaeology at Sun Yat-sen University, China. Subsequently, he graduated with a research master’s degree at Leiden University, with a particular focus of Chinese ceramics in global context. His MA-thesis “Mutual Influence between Islamic Glazed Pottery and Chinese Ceramics: A Case Study from Fustat, Egypt, 9th to 14th Centuries” conducted comparative research between Chinese ceramics and Islamic glazed ware with a case study of materials from Fustat, Egypt.

PhD candidate / contract

  • Faculteit Archeologie
  • World Archaeology
  • Historical Archaeology

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Van Steenis
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2333 CC Leiden


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