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Niek Doelman

Senior researcher / guest

Dr.ir. N.J. Doelman
+31 71 527 5737

Niek Doelman has a Master of Science degree in Applied Physics from TU Delft and obtained his PhD in Active Control of Sound. He works at TNO as Senior Scientist at the department of Opto-Mechatronics and is a Professor at the Leiden Observatory since 2013.

More information about Niek Doelman

Niek Doelman works as Senior Scientist at TNO Technical Sciences, department of Opto-Mechatronics. TNO's Opto-Mechatronics designs, realizes and tests mechatronic systems for optical applications requiring extreme stability, highly accurate and fast motion, and operation in extreme environments. The most important fields of expertise of TNO Opto-Mechatronics are precision mechanics, mechatronics and control, for application in space, astronomy, semicon, nuclear fusion and medical instrumentation. Niek Doelman specializes in control and mechatronics for optical communication, semicon and astronomy.

Niek Doelman also is Adjunct Professor in Control for Astronomy Instruments at the Leiden Observatory. His research chair focuses on novel system concepts for astronomical instrumentation based on state-of-the-art control and optimization technology, with a particular emphasis on adaptive optics for the direct imaging of exoplanets. He is involved in the projects METIS,  the mid-infrared imager and spectrograph for the ELT, and EPICS, the instrument for the ELT to detect and characterize exoplanets, including rocky ones. 


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Senior researcher / guest

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