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Michiel Hogerheijde

Associate professor

Dr. M.R. Hogerheijde
+31 71 527 5590

Michiel Hogerheijde is an Associate Professor at Leiden University. His research focuses on the origin of planetary systems such as our own Solar System and the systems that are now commonly found around other stars.

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Michael Hogerheijde has a Master of Science degree from Leiden University and he obtained his PhD there as well. He was a Fellow at both the University of California-Berkerly as the University of Arizona before he became an Associate Professor at the Leiden Observatory.

In his research Hogerheijde focuses mainly on the origin of planetary systems like our solar system. By looking at the (sub) millimeter and infrared regions of the electro-magnetic spectrum, the evolution of star formation can be viewed directly. This is done with insctruments like the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope and the Spitzer Telescope.

In 2014, Hogerheijde received the VIDI grant to set up the five-year program 'Zooming in on planet-forming disks with emerging Submillimeter Facilities'. Some of these new facilities offer unprecedented sensitivity or angular resolution.  Hogerheijde is activily involved in the preparation for some of these instruments, such as the enhanced-SMA (the link up of the SMA with the JCMT and the CSO), the CHAMP+ receiver array on APEX, and the Atacama Large Millimeter Array (ALMA).

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