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Maarten Lubbers

PhD candidate

M. Lubbers MSc
+31 71 527 5075

My research focuses on elucidating the divisome using state-of-the-art synthetic biology approaches. What happens when we allow cells to evolve a wall when they cannot make peptidoglycan? With my research, we hope to answer fundamental questions about bacterial evolution and optimize industrial processes.

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Short biography

Maarten Lubbers earned his Bachelors and Masters in Biology at Leiden University, where he has worked on, amongst others, bioactive molecules in snake venom. At the University of Ghent, he has worked on the ecology and genetics of Laboulbeniales, a group of parasitic fungi. Besides, he plays an active role in the iGEM Competition. Finally, Maarten is a junior honorary curator at the Natural History Museum of Rotterdam.

PhD candidate

  • Science
  • Instituut Biologie Leiden
  • IBL Microbial Sciences

Work address

Sylviusweg 72
2333 BE Leiden
Room number 4.4.16



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